Assistant Gardener

Assistant Gardener level 2, vocational training for students with special educational needs, 2 years

Students with special educational needs are welcome to study the specialty. There are no educational requirements to enrollment.

Type of study Form of studyPrerequisite to start Study time
Type of study Level educationForm of studyStationaryPrerequisite to start No educational requirements to enter the programmeStudy time2 years

The profession of the Assistant Gardener is one of the horticultural professions.

The Assistant Gardener performs simple horticultural tasks regarding vegetables, fruit growing, woodwork and floriculture under the guidance and assistance of others. The Assistant Gardener prepares the planting surface, puts seeds in the soil, plants flowers or trees and takes care of them; harvests crops or produce, arranges for the crop or produce to be stored and prepares it for sale in both conventional and organic production. The Assistant Gardener works in limited settings, under direct supervision.

One can study to become an Assistant Gardener at Tallinn Kopli Vocational School on the basis of the Assistant Gardener's curriculum, under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The student acquires knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work as an assistant gardener in various horticultural enterprises. The programme helps to create readiness for coping in personal and social life and provides preconditions for lifelong learning. The student shall study while being counseled and guided; evaluate the results of his/her work under supervision; make choices appropriate to his/her skills from the given opportunities under the guidance; participate in the preparation of his/her career plan; communicate in familiar settings and cope with different social environments under mentoring.

Studies are considered completed if the curriculum has been studied in full, the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and has passed the Assistant Gardener, level 2 vocational examination.