Interior Electrician, 3 years

Internal Electrician level 4, level education, vocational secondary education 3 years of study.

Persons with basic education or at least 22 years of age without basic education who have competencies corresponding to the level of basic education are welcome to study this specialty.

ÕppeliikÕppevormEeldus alustamiseksÕppeaeg
ÕppeliikLevel education, vocational secondary educationÕppevormFull-timeEeldus alustamiseksBasic educationÕppeaeg3 years

The aim of the curriculum is that the student acquires knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to work in electrical, construction and repair companies, installing and maintaining electrical wiring systems, machines and equipment up to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC in various residential, buildings and technical facilities, and up to 1000 V in external networks (from the connection point).

Studies are considered completed when the curriculum has been studied in full and the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and passed the Internal Worker, Level 4 professional examination.

When starting to study in this curriculum, it is possible to receive support for participation in level studies. More information on support for participation in level education can be found on the website of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.