Fabric Weaver (1 year)

Textile Handicraft Weaver level 3, level training

Persons of at least 18 years of age with or without basic and secondary education who wish to acquire a profession are welcome to study.

Type of study Form of studyPrerequisite to start Study time
Type of study Level educationForm of studyFull-timePrerequisite to start Basic education Study time1 year

The Weaver acquires knowledge and practical skills in fabric weaving, previous preparatory work and the implementation of the thread on the axes, the basics of color teaching and composition, sewing of woven fabrics on axles.

In addition to basic studies, it is possible to acquire practical skills in leather work, photography, textile dyeing, belts and cords production.

Studies are considered completed if the curriculum has been studied in full, the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and passed the Textile Handicraft, Weaver Level 3 vocational examination.

Textile Handicraft Weaver level 3, level training 1 year