Property Administrator (3 years)

Property Administrator level 4, level studies, vocational secondary education, 3 years.

Persons with basic education or at least 22 years of age without basic education who have competencies corresponding to the level of basic education are welcome to study the specialty.

Type of study Form of studyPrerequisite to start Study time
Type of study Level education, vocational secondary educationForm of studyStationary/ full-time Prerequisite to start Basic educationStudy time3 years

The aim of the curriculum is that the student acquires competencies that create prerequisites for continuing studies and lifelong learning and enable them to work in the field of real estate maintenance, technical maintenance and repair work of building and plot structures.

The Property Administrator acquires knowledge and practical skills from general construction work, finishing work, cleaning work and land maintenance.

Studies are considered completed when the curriculum has been studied in full, the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and passed the “Real Estate Administrator, Level 4” professional examination specializing in “Technical maintenance and repair work of building and plot structures”.