Junior Gardener (1 year)

Junior Gardener level 3, level training 1 year

Persons of at least 18 years of age with or without basic education and secondary education who wish to acquire the profession are welcome to study.

Type of study Form of studyPrerequisite to start Study time
Type of study Level educationForm of studyFull-timePrerequisite to start Basic education Study time1 year

The aim of the curriculum is that the student acquires the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for working as a junior gardener in various fields and gains prerequisites for continuing studies and lifelong learning.

The programme is practically oriented. Students acquire knowledge and practical skills in vegetable growing, fruit growing, gardening, maintenance of green areas, establishment of indoor landscaping and preparation of garden plans. In practical lessons, students learn about the plants that grow in our climate, their diseases and pests; how to propagate, maintain, transplant, cut trees and shrubs, perform practical work in gardens and green areas. Practical classes take place in cooperation with and at the premises of the school's official partners: Tallinn Zoo, Tallinn Botanical Garden, Kadriorg Park, AS Sagro, Estonian Open Air Museum, Valtu Aed OÜ. During their studies, students get acquainted with the companies that deal with horticulture.

Studies are considered completed when the curriculum has been studied in full, the student has acquired the learning outcomes of the curriculum at least at the threshold level and has passed the Junior Gardener, level 3 vocational examination.